lacking a key or keys.
requiring no key or keys: a keyless lock operated by a series of push buttons.

1815–25; key1 + -less Unabridged
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key1 (kiː)
1.  a metal instrument, usually of a specifically contoured shape, that is made to fit a lock and, when rotated, operates the lock's mechanism
2.  any instrument that is rotated to operate a valve, clock winding mechanism, etc
3.  a small metal peg or wedge inserted into keyways
4.  any of a set of levers operating a typewriter, computer, etc
5.  any of the visible parts of the lever mechanism of a musical keyboard instrument that when depressed set in motion the action that causes the instrument to sound
6.  a.  Also called: tonality any of the 24 major and minor diatonic scales considered as a corpus of notes upon which a piece of music draws for its tonal framework
 b.  the main tonal centre in an extended composition: a symphony in the key of F major
 c.  the tonic of a major or minor scale
 d.  See tuning key
7.  something that is crucial in providing an explanation or interpretation: the key to adult behaviour lies in childhood
8.  a means of achieving a desired end: the key to happiness
9.  a means of access or control: Gibraltar is the key to the Mediterranean
10.  a list of explanations of symbols, codes, etc
11.  a text that explains or gives information about a work of literature, art, or music
12.  Also called: key move the correct initial move in the solution of a set problem
13.  biology a systematic list of taxonomic characteristics, used to identify animals or plants
14.  photog, painting low-key See also high-key the dominant tonal value and colour intensity of a picture
15.  electrical engineering
 a.  a hand-operated device for opening or closing a circuit or for switching circuits
 b.  a hand-operated switch that is pressed to transmit coded signals, esp Morse code
16.  the grooving or scratching of a surface or the application of a rough coat of plaster, etc, to provide a bond for a subsequent finish
17.  pitch: he spoke in a low key
18.  a characteristic mood or style: a poem in a melancholic key
19.  level of intensity: she worked herself up to a high key
20.  railways a wooden wedge placed between a rail and a chair to keep the rail firmly in place
21.  a wedge for tightening a joint or for splitting stone or timber
22.  short for keystone
23.  botany any dry winged fruit, esp that of the ash
24.  (modifier) photog determining the tonal value of a photograph: flesh colour is an important key tone
25.  of great importance; crucial: a key issue
26.  (foll by to) to harmonize (with): to key one's actions to the prevailing mood
27.  to adjust or fasten with a key or some similar device
28.  to provide with a key or keys
29.  to scratch the paintwork of (a car) with a key
30.  (often foll by up) to locate the position of (a piece of copy, artwork, etc) on a layout by the use of symbols
31.  (also intr) another word for keyboard
32.  to include a distinguishing device in (an advertisement, etc), so that responses to it can be identified
33.  to provide a keystone for (an arch)
[Old English cǣg; related to Old Frisian kēi, Middle Low German keie spear]

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Example sentences
Stem-winder somehow has more life in it, more fancy and vividness, than the literal keyless-watch.
The form used to request a keyless access code has been updated to meet current requirements.
We recommend the keyless version and full remote installation if you're not in a hurry.
The cabinets must have a keyless and keyed entry for ease of access with a backup access for contingency.
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