without landed property; not owning land: a landless noble.

before 1000; Middle English; Old English landlēas. See land, -less

landlessness, noun Unabridged
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land (lænd)
1.  the solid part of the surface of the earth as distinct from seas, lakes, etcRelated: terrestrial
2.  a.  ground, esp with reference to its use, quality, etc
 b.  (in combination): land-grabber
3.  rural or agricultural areas as contrasted with urban ones
4.  farming as an occupation or way of life
5.  law
 a.  any tract of ground capable of being owned as property, together with any buildings on it, extending above and below the surface
 b.  any hereditament, tenement, or other interest; realty
6.  a.  a country, region, or area
 b.  the people of a country, etc
7.  a realm, sphere, or domain
8.  economics the factor of production consisting of all natural resources
9.  the unindented part of a grooved surface, esp one of the ridges inside a rifle bore
10.  how the land lies the prevailing conditions or state of affairs
11.  to transfer (something) or go from a ship or boat to the shore: land the cargo
12.  (intr) to come to or touch shore
13.  to come down or bring (something) down to earth after a flight or jump
14.  to come or bring to some point, condition, or state
15.  (tr) angling to retrieve (a hooked fish) from the water
16.  informal (tr) to win or obtain: to land a job
17.  informal (tr) to deliver (a blow)
Related: terrestrial
[Old English; compare Old Norse, Gothic land, Old High German lant]

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Example sentences
Meanwhile, landless squatters moved in from adjacent lots, working plots whose ownership the government failed to resolve.
Some of the land was allocated to poor landless blacks.
Landless and near-landless households everywhere depend on nonfarm earnings.
Labor-intensive cash crops can also provide employment for the landless.
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