[lap-er] /ˈlæp ər/
a person or thing that laps liquid.
1600–10; lap3 + -er1


[lap-er] /ˈlæp ər/
verb (used without object), Scot. and North England
to clabber; curdle.
1805–15; Scots form of lopper2
British Dictionary definitions for lapper
lap2 (læp)
1.  one circuit of a racecourse or track
2.  a stage or part of a journey, race, etc
3.  a.  an overlapping part or projection
 b.  the extent of overlap
4.  the length of material needed to go around an object
5.  a rotating disc coated with fine abrasive for polishing gemstones
6.  any device for holding a fine abrasive to polish materials
7.  metallurgy a defect in rolled metals caused by the folding of a fin onto the surface
8.  a sheet or band of fibres, such as cotton, prepared for further processing
vb , laps, lapping, lapped
9.  (tr) to wrap or fold (around or over): he lapped a bandage around his wrist
10.  (tr) to enclose or envelop in: he lapped his wrist in a bandage
11.  to place or lie partly or completely over or project beyond
12.  (tr; usually passive) to envelop or surround with comfort, love, etc: lapped in luxury
13.  (intr) to be folded
14.  (tr) to overtake (an opponent) in a race so as to be one or more circuits ahead
15.  (tr) to polish or cut (a workpiece, gemstone, etc) with a fine abrasive, esp to hone (mating metal parts) against each other with an abrasive
16.  to form (fibres) into a sheet or band
[C13 (in the sense: to wrap): probably from lap1]

lap3 (læp)
vb , laps, lapping, lapped
1.  (of small waves) to wash against (a shore, boat, etc), usually with light splashing sounds
2.  (often foll by up) (esp of animals) to scoop (a liquid) into the mouth with the tongue
3.  the act or sound of lapping
4.  a thin food for dogs or other animals
[Old English lapian; related to Old High German laffan, Latin lambere, Greek laptein]

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