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[luh-thahr-jik] /ləˈθɑr dʒɪk/
of, pertaining to, or affected with lethargy; drowsy; sluggish.
producing lethargy.
Also, lethargical.
1350-1400; < Latin lēthargicus < Greek lēthargikós; replacing Middle English litargik < Medieval Latin litargicus (see lethargy, -ic)
Related forms
lethargically, adverb
hyperlethargic, adjective
nonlethargic, adjective
nonlethargical, adjective
nonlethargically, adverb
unlethargic, adjective
unlethargical, adjective
unlethargically, adverb
1. lazy, indolent, torpid. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for lethargic
  • It will even make you feel more lethargic, or sluggish, and less likely to exercise.
  • The turtles become sluggish and lethargic when their body temperatures plunge in the cold.
  • Even though the war on terror has revitalized the base's purpose, the mood was strangely lethargic.
  • We tried several months of tranquilizers that didn't help and only gave us a lethargic companion.
  • He doesn't lose his sense of play when he stops eating, but he does get a bit lethargic.
  • The porcupines are rather unsocial, and are so lethargic in their movements that the infection took longer to do its full work.
  • The processions were valuable in so far as they incited and stung the lethargic scientific mind into investigation and discovery.
  • Inspired or lethargic, brilliant or bright, she was on her way to a principalship on her own.
  • The human animal is no more frivolous and irresponsible than fearful and lethargic.
  • He sat lethargic in layers of wool clothing, his eyes half-closed under a wool cap.
Word Origin and History for lethargic

late 14c., litargik, from Latin lethargicus "affected with lethargy," from Greek lethargikos, from lethargos (see lethargy). Related: Lethargically.

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