without light or lights; receiving no light; dark.
giving no light.

before 1000; Middle English lihtles, Old English lēohtlēas. See light1, -less

lightlessness, noun Unabridged
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light1 (laɪt)
1.  the medium of illumination that makes sight possible
2.  Also called: visible radiation electromagnetic radiation that is capable of causing a visual sensation and has wavelengths from about 380 to about 780 nanometres
3.  (not in technical usage) electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength outside this range, esp ultraviolet radiation: ultraviolet light
4.  the sensation experienced when electromagnetic radiation within the visible spectrum falls on the retina of the eyeRelated: photo-
5.  anything that illuminates, such as a lamp or candle
6.  See traffic light
7.  a particular quality or type of light: a good light for reading
8.  a.  illumination from the sun during the day; daylight
 b.  the time this appears; daybreak; dawn
9.  anything that allows the entrance of light, such as a window or compartment of a window
10.  the condition of being visible or known (esp in the phrases bringorcome to light)
11.  an aspect or view: he saw it in a different light
12.  mental understanding or spiritual insight
13.  a person considered to be an authority or leader
14.  brightness of countenance, esp a sparkle in the eyes
15.  a.  the act of igniting or kindling something, such as a cigarette
 b.  something that ignites or kindles, esp in a specified manner, such as a spark or flame
 c.  something used for igniting or kindling, such as a match
16.  See lighthouse
17.  a.  the effect of illumination on objects or scenes, as created in a picture
 b.  an area of brightness in a picture, as opposed to shade
18.  a poetic or archaic word for eyesight
19.  the answer to a clue in a crossword
20.  in light of, in the light of in view of; taking into account; considering
21.  light at the end of the tunnel hope for the ending of a difficult or unpleasant situation
22.  out like a light quickly asleep or unconscious
23.  see the light
 a.  to gain sudden insight into or understanding of something
 b.  to experience a religious conversion
24.  see the light, see the light of day
 a.  to come into being
 b.  to come to public notice
25.  shed light on, throw light on to clarify or supply additional information on
26.  stand in a person's light to stand so as to obscure a person's vision
27.  strike a light
 a.  (verb) to ignite something, esp a match, by friction
 b.  (Brit) (interjection) an exclamation of surprise
28.  full of light; well-lighted
29.  medium Compare dark (of a colour) reflecting or transmitting a large amount of light: light yellow
30.  phonetics See dark relating to or denoting an () pronounced with front vowel resonance; clear: the French "l" is much lighter than that of English
vb , lights, lighting, lighted, lit
31.  to ignite or cause to ignite
32.  (often foll by up) to illuminate or cause to illuminate
33.  to make or become cheerful or animated
34.  (tr) to guide or lead by light
Related: photo-
[Old English lēoht; related to Old High German lioht, Gothic liuhath, Latin lux]

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Example sentences
Vampire squid is an apt name for a creature that lurks in the lightless depths of the ocean.
By the second week in the stall, time itself seemed the corridor, lightless at either end.
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