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[liv-uh-buh l] /ˈlɪv ə bəl/
suitable for living in; habitable; comfortable:
It took a lot of work to make the old house livable.
worth living; endurable:
She needed something to make life more livable.
that can be lived with; companionable (often used in combination with with):
polite and charming but not altogether livable-with.
Also, liveable.
1605-15; live1 + -able
Related forms
livableness, livability, noun
unlivable, adjective
unlivableness, noun
2. enjoyable, bearable, worthwhile. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for livable
  • Quieter and more comfortable, to help encourage more people to ride and make the urban world more livable.
  • Attractive, comfortable, livable living spaces do make a difference.
  • It is sickening to watch areas that are livable being destroyed by greed.
  • The university is a center of innovation surrounded by diverse and livable urban, suburban, and rural communities.
  • People need to know, before they apply, if the salary is livable for them.
  • Also, sharing these frustrations and insights with you makes this arduous process somewhat more livable.
  • Fair-trade coffees are produced and purchased from farmers with livable wages for both themselves and their employees.
  • Design of modern, livable cities with expedient forms of public transportation is feasible.
  • We need to look into the future and leave a livable planet behind us.
  • The home is designed to be simple to build, livable and beautiful.
British Dictionary definitions for livable


(of a room, house, etc) suitable for living in
worth living; tolerable
(foll by with) pleasant to live (with)
Derived Forms
livableness, liveableness, livability, liveability, noun
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Word Origin and History for livable

also liveable, 1610s, "likely to survive," from live (v.) + -able. Meaning "conducive to living" is from 1660s; sense of "suitable for living in" is from 1814 ("Mansfield Park"). Meaning "endurable" is from 1841.

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