plural of loaf1.
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1 [lohf]
noun, plural loaves [lohvz] .
a portion of bread or cake baked in a mass, usually oblong with a rounded top.
a shaped or molded mass of food, as of sugar or chopped meat: a veal loaf.
the rounded head of a cabbage, lettuce, etc.
Slang: Older Use. head or brains: Use your loaf.

before 950; Middle English lo(o)f, Old English hlāf loaf, bread; cognate with German Laib, Old Norse hleifr, Gothic hlaifs

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loaf1 (ləʊf)
n , pl loaves
1.  a shaped mass of baked bread
2.  any shaped or moulded mass of food, such as cooked meat
3.  slang the head; sense: use your loaf!
[Old English hlāf; related to Old High German hleib bread, Old Norse hleifr, Latin libum cake]

loaf2 (ləʊf)
vb (foll by away)
1.  (intr) to loiter or lounge around in an idle way
2.  to spend (time) idly: he loafed away his life
[C19: perhaps back formation from loafer]

loaves (ləʊvz)
the plural of loaf

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Word Origin & History

O.E. hlaf "bread, loaf," from P.Gmc. *khlaibuz (cf. O.N. hleifr, Swed. lev, Ger. Laib, Goth. hlaifs), of uncertain origin, perhaps connected to O.E. hlifian "to raise higher, tower," on the notion of the bread rising as it bakes, but it is unclear whether "loaf" or "bread" is the original sense. O.C.S.
chlebu, Finn. leipä, Lith. klepas probably are Gmc. loan words. Meaning "chopped meat shaped like a bread loaf" is attested from 1787.

1835, Amer.Eng., back-formation from loafer (1830), which often is regarded as a variant of land loper (1795), a partial loan-translation of Ger. Landläufer "vagabond," from Land "land" + Läufer "runner," from laufen "to run" (see leap). But OED finds this "not very probable."
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Example sentences
If the aroma of sweet loaves baking in a warm kitchen during the holidays stirs
  happy memories, you aren't alone.
Loaves of freshly baked bread were cooling on racks by the window.
Shape into two loaves, cover, and allow to rise until doubled.
So she went up to it, and took out all the loaves one after another with the
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