[maj-i-kuh l] /ˈmædʒ ɪ kəl/
produced by or as if by magic:
"The change in the appearance of the room was magical."
mysteriously enchanting:
"a magical night."
of or pertaining to magic.
1545–55; magic + -al1
Related forms
magically, adverb
hypermagical, adjective
hypermagically, adverb
quasi-magical, adjective
quasi-magically, adverb
semimagical, adjective
semimagically, adverb
unmagical, adjective
unmagically, adverb
Example Sentences for magical
The fairy castle decor provides a magical setting for story times featuring costumed characters.
When certain varieties are blended, an almost magical transformation takes place.
The primary obsessive actions of these neurotics are really altogether of a magical nature.
These early physicians applied salve to the weapon instead of to the wound, under the notion of a magical reflex action.
Some of them occur in descriptions of the magical ceremonies at which they were sung.
Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its old magical power even today.
He is gifted with an almost magical facility of literary composition.
But these words, so magical to the official mind, have no weight when these same officials are adjusting their own private lives.
And, together with these changes, were tacitly introduced fairy reminiscences and magical details.
Accordingly he raised himself in the air by his magical power, in presence of the emperor.
British Dictionary definitions for magical
magic (ˈmædʒɪk)
1.  the art that, by use of spells, supposedly invokes supernatural powers to influence events; sorcery
2.  the practice of this art
3.  the practice of illusory tricks to entertain other people; conjuring
4.  any mysterious or extraordinary quality or power: the magic of springtime
5.  like magic very quickly
6.  of or relating to magic: a magic spell
7.  possessing or considered to possess mysterious powers: a magic wand
8.  unaccountably enchanting: magic beauty
9.  informal wonderful; marvellous; exciting
vb , -ics, -icking, -icked
10.  to transform or produce by or as if by magic
11.  (foll by away) to cause to disappear by or as if by magic
[C14: via Old French magique, from Greek magikē witchcraft, from magosmagus]

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Word Origin and History for magical
1550s, from magic. Related: Magically.
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