1 [men-tl]
of or pertaining to the mind: mental powers; mental suffering.
of, pertaining to, or affected by a disorder of the mind: a mental patient; mental illness.
providing care for persons with disordered minds, emotions, etc.: a mental hospital.
performed by or existing in the mind: mental arithmetic; a mental note.
pertaining to intellectuals or intellectual activity.
Informal. slightly daft; out of one's mind; crazy: He's mental.
Informal. a person with a psychological disorder: a fascist group made up largely of mentals.

1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin mentālis, equivalent to Latin ment- (stem of mēns) mind + -ālis -al1 Unabridged


2 [men-tl]
of or pertaining to the chin.

1720–30; < Latin ment(um) the chin (see mentum) + -al1 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
mental1 (ˈmɛntəl)
1.  of or involving the mind or an intellectual process
2.  occurring only in the mind: mental calculations
3.  Preferred form: psychiatric affected by mental illness: a mental patient
4.  Preferred form: psychiatric concerned with care for persons with mental illness: a mental hospital
5.  slang insane
[C15: from Late Latin mentālis, from Latin mēns mind]

mental2 (ˈmɛntəl)
anatomy Also: genial of or relating to the chin
[C18: from Latin mentum chin]

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Word Origin & History

early 15c., from M.Fr. mental, from L.L. mentalis "of the mind," from L. mens (gen. mentis) "mind," from PIE base *men- "to think" (cf. Skt. matih "thought, mind," Goth. gamunds, O.E. gemynd "memory, remembrance," Mod.Eng. mind). Meaning "crazy, deranged" is from 1927.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

mental men·tal1 (měn'tl)

  1. Of or relating to the mind; intellectual.

  2. Of, relating to, or affected by a disorder of the mind.

  3. Intended for treatment of people affected with disorders of the mind.

mental 2
Of or relating to the chin.

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Slang Dictionary

mental definition

  1. mod.
    mentally retarded. (Usually objectionable. Derogatory.) : The girl's mental. Leave her alone.
  2. n.
    a mentally retarded person. (Usually objectionable. Derogatory.) : He's a mental. He'll need some help.
  3. n.
    a stupid person. : You're such a mental lately.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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Example sentences
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
How a mental gym can tone your mind and stave off memory loss.
But the experience of using your mind's eye doesn't fully explain the mental processing that goes on beneath the surface.
The idea remains controversial: managing a severe mental illness is more
  complicated than simply avoiding certain behaviors.
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