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[muhl-it] /ˈmʌl ɪt/
noun, plural (especially collectively) mullet (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) mullets.
any of several marine or freshwater, usually gray fishes of the family Mugilidae, having a nearly cylindrical body.
a goatfish.
a sucker, especially of the genus Moxostoma.
Origin of mullet1
late Middle English
1400-50; late Middle English mulet < Middle French < Latin mullus red mullet; see -et


[muhl-it] /ˈmʌl ɪt/
noun, Heraldry.
a starlike charge having five points unless a greater number is specified, used especially as the cadency mark of a third son.
Also, molet.
Also called American star, Scottish star.
1350-1400; Middle English molet < Old French molete rowel of a spur, equivalent to mole millstone (French meule) + -ette -ette Unabridged
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Examples from the web for mullet
  • The dam is partially gone now, it would be interesting to know if the mullet are spawning in this river now.
  • mullet are so profuse they will literally jump into a fisherman's boat.
  • He wore cinched-waist, acid-washed jeans, had a mullet and kept cats.
  • Many inshore lagoons have good populations of snook, tarpon and mullet.
  • Ground marinated anchovies flavor sauces and salad dressings, while tuna, sardine and mullet are served as main courses.
  • Fish in the estuary include snook, trout, mullet and redfish that all rely on the shallow waters as a food source.
  • It's your quarterly brokerage statement, and it's uglier than a monster with a mullet.
  • The fact that he rocks a prototypical hockey mullet is the hairy icing on the cake, really.
  • Cherries hid under a red mullet in a peppery nasturtium sauce.
  • Overhead, brown-and-white ospreys circled leaping mullet.
British Dictionary definitions for mullet


any of various teleost food fishes belonging to the families Mugilidae (grey mullet) or Mullidae (red mullet) See also grey mullet, red mullet
the US name for grey mullet
Word Origin
C15: via Old French from Latin mullus, from Greek mullos


a hairstyle in which the hair is short at the top and long at the back
Word Origin
C20: origin unknown
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Word Origin and History for mullet

edible type of spiny-finned fish, mid-15c., from Anglo-French molett (late 14c.), Old French mulet, from Medieval Latin muletus, from Latin mulettus, from mullus "red mullet," from Greek myllos a marine fish, related to melos "black," from PIE *mel- "of darkish color" (see melanin).

"hairstyle short on top and long in back," 1996, perhaps from mullet-head "stupid, dull person" (1857). Also the name of a type of North American freshwater fish with a large, flat head (1866). The term in reference to the haircut seems to have emerged into pop culture with the Beastie Boys song "Mullet Head."

#1 on the side and don't touch the back
#6 on the top and don't cut it wack, Jack
[Beastie Boys, "Mullet Head"]
As a surname, Mullet is attested from late 13c., thought to be a diminutive of Old French mul "mule." Cf. also mallet-headed, in reference to the flat tops of chisels meant to be struck with a mallet.

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