[muhn-tn] /ˈmʌn tn/
Also called sash bar. a bar for holding the edges of window panes within a sash.
See diag. under double-hung.
(formerly) a vertical bar in a window sash.
a stile within the frame of a door or the like.
1300–50; earlier mountan, montan, Middle English mountaun, mountain < Middle French montant, noun use of present participle of monter to mount1; compare Dutch munting
Example Sentences for muntin
Increasing muntin width too much causes a marked change in a window's historic appearance.
Design: muntin bar cross-section profile and material chosen from manufacturer's standards.
The muntin bars must match the width of the existing muntins as closely as possible.
The windows have alternating and variously sized muntins and one large muntin dividing the two windows.
Centered in the gable, the facade's only window is circular with muntin bars dividing the panes into quarters.
Adjacent to the entrance are large display windows separated by copper muntin bars.
Use of comparable frame dimensions, proportions, and muntin configurations is encouraged.
Wood windows should not be replaced with vinyl or metal, and should maintain the historic muntin pattern.
Numerous panes and heavy muntin bars should be avoided as they disrupt the view of the merchandise and interior.
British Dictionary definitions for muntin
muntin (ˈmʌntɪn)
another name (esp US) for glazing-bar
[C17: variant of C15 mountant, from Old French montant, present participle of monter to mount1]

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