a person or thing that drives nails, as a machine that drives nails automatically.

1400–50; late Middle English; see nail, -er1 Unabridged
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nail (neɪl)
1.  a fastening device usually made from round or oval wire, having a point at one end and a head at the other
2.  anything resembling such a fastening device, esp in function or shape
3.  fingernail See toenail the horny plate covering part of the dorsal surface of the fingers or toesRelated: ungual, ungular
4.  the claw of a mammal, bird, or reptile
5.  slang a hypodermic needle, used for injecting drugs
6.  a unit of length, formerly used for measuring cloth, equal to two and a quarter inches
7.  a nail in one's coffin an experience or event that tends to shorten life or hasten the end of something
8.  bite one's nails
 a.  to chew off the ends of one's fingernails
 b.  to be worried or apprehensive
9.  hard as nails
 a.  in tough physical condition
 b.  without sentiment or feelings
10.  hit the nail on the head to do or say something correct or telling
11.  on the nail (of payments) at once (esp in the phrase pay on the nail)
12.  to attach with or as if with nails
13.  informal to arrest or seize
14.  informal to hit or bring down, as with a shot: I nailed the sniper
15.  informal to expose or detect (a lie or liar)
16.  to fix or focus (one's eyes, attention, etc) on an object
17.  to stud with nails
Related: ungual, ungular
[Old English nǣgl; related to Old High German nagal nail, Latin unguis fingernail, claw, Greek onux]

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Example sentences
We shall see the nailer employed even until the middle of the night, and the
  carpenter covering himself with his chips.
She did let me use her cool floor nailer tool, although with plenty of adult
The tread is nailed to the nailer instead of the stringer.
Eventually, the nailer will require replacement, but the nailer is much easier
  to replace than the stringers.
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