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[nekst] /nɛkst/
immediately following in time, order, importance, etc.:
the next day; the next person in line.
nearest or adjacent in place or position:
the next room.
nearest in relationship or kinship.
in the place, time, importance, etc., nearest or immediately following:
We're going to London next. This is my next oldest daughter.
on the first occasion to follow:
when next we meet.
adjacent to; nearest:
It's in the closet next the blackboard.
get next to (someone), Informal. to get into the favor or good graces of; become a good friend of.
next door to,
  1. in an adjacent house, apartment, office, etc.; neighboring.
  2. in a position of proximity; near to:
    They are next door to poverty.
next to,
  1. adjacent to:
    He sat next to his sister.
  2. almost; nearly:
    next to impossible.
  3. aside from:
    Next to cake, ice cream is my favorite dessert.
Origin of next
before 900; Middle English next(e), Old English nēxt, nēhst, niehst, superlative of nēah nigh (see -est1); cognate with Icelandic nǣstr, German nächst; cf. near Unabridged
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Examples from the web for next
  • Visitors see the diamond, and it gets them to wonder what's in the next room, and in the space beyond that.
  • Disruptive innovation first takes hold on the margins where the next best thing may be nothing at all.
  • Astronomers have identified the best candidate yet for our galaxy's next supernova explosion, according to a new report.
  • Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
  • Click next to step inside with a room-by-room tour plus view the home's floor plans.
  • Here they eat, and sometimes sleep, for the next seven days.
  • The next time you find yourself seated in a roomful of strangers, take a close look at your nearest neighbor.
  • How closely and carefully will obviously vary from one place to the next.
  • next thing you know, useless boondoggles are being cut and rational decisions are being made.
  • The ancients did not understand how the sun could set in the west and end up in the east the next morning.
British Dictionary definitions for next


immediately following: the next patient to be examined, do it next week
immediately adjoining: the next room
closest to in degree: the tallest boy next to James, the next-best thing
the next but one, the one after the next
at a time or on an occasion immediately to follow: the patient to be examined next, next, he started to unscrew the telephone receiver
next to
  1. adjacent to; at or on one side of: the house next to ours
  2. following in degree: next to your mother, who do you love most?
  3. almost: next to impossible
(archaic) next to
Word Origin
Old English nēhst, superlative of nēahnigh; compare near, neighbour
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Word Origin and History for next

Old English niehsta, nyhsta (West Saxon), nesta (Anglian) "nearest, closest," superlative of neah (West Saxon), neh (Anglian) "nigh;" from Proto-Germanic *nekh- "near" + superlative suffix *-istaz. Cognate with Old Norse næstr, Dutch naast "next," Old High German nahisto "neighbor," German nächst "next." Adverbial and prepositional use from c.1200. Phrase the next person "a typical person" is from 1857.

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