1 [niks] Slang.
(used as an exclamation, especially of warning): Nix, the cops!
verb (used with object)
to veto; refuse to agree to; prohibit: to nix the project.

1780–90; < German: variant of nichts nothing Unabridged


2 [niks]
noun, plural nixes.
(in Germanic folklore) a water spirit that draws its victims into its underwater home.

1825–35; < German Nix, Old High German nihhus; cognate with Old English nicor water monster, Old Norse nykr, Norwegian nøkk, Swedish näck; compare Sanskrit nenekti (he) washes Unabridged
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nix1 (nɪks)
sentence substitute
1.  another word for no
2.  be careful! watch out!
3.  a rejection or refusal
4.  nothing at all
5.  (tr) to veto, deny, reject, or forbid (plans, suggestions, etc)
[C18: from German, colloquial form of nichts nothing]

nix2 (nɪks)
German myth a male water sprite, usually unfriendly to humans
[C19: from German Nixe nymph or water spirit, from Old High German nihhus; related to Old English nicor sea monster]

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Word Origin & History

"nothing, none," 1789, from Ger. nix, dial. variant of nichts "nothing," from M.H.G. nihtes, from gen. of niht, nit "nothing," from O.H.G. niwiht, from ni, ne "no" + wiht "thing, creature" (cf. naught). The verb is attested from 1903.
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in Germanic mythology, a water being, half human, half fish, that lives in a beautiful underwater palace and mingles with humans by assuming a variety of physical forms (e.g., that of a fair maiden or an old woman) or by making itself invisible. One of three attributes may betray the disguises of nixes: they are music lovers and excellent dancers, and they have the gift of prophecy. Usually malevolent, a nix can easily be propitiated with gifts. In some regions, nixes are said to abduct human children and to lure people into deep water to drown. According to some sources, nixes can marry human beings and bear human children.

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Example sentences
Nix suffers from cancer and heart and lung ailments and testified from a wheelchair rigged with an oxygen bottle.
Second, taking the bull by the hand, nix those mixed metaphors.
She can nix an economic reform or a disinvestment proposal if she has strong reservations.
Each chamber will only be allowed to okay or nix the bill, but will not be allowed to amend it.
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