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[non-sen-si-kuh l] /nɒnˈsɛn sɪ kəl/
(of words or language) having little or no meaning; making little or no sense:
A baby's babbling is appealingly nonsensical.
(of behavior, conduct, actions, etc.) foolish, senseless, fatuous, or absurd:
His nonsensical behavior was unusual for such a serious person.
objectionable, impudent, insubordinate:
I refuse to listen to that nonsensical gossip.
of trifling importance or of little or no use:
I've had more than enough of your nonsensical advice!
Origin of nonsensical
Related forms
nonsensically, adverb
nonsensicality, nonsensicalness, noun Unabridged
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Examples from the web for nonsensical
  • Myths and misinformation can range from the merely nonsensical to the downright dangerous.
  • Five years too late, a reply that is completely nonsensical as well as full of the requisite bad grammar, and no link.
  • What seems nonsensical makes perfect, and worrying, sense if you understand how this debate is likely to play out.
  • Since all our ideas are expressed in language and mathematics, they become nonsensical when describing metaphysics.
  • Actor gives nonsensical short talk at a psychiatrist's conference.
  • Moreover, it is nonsensical to hire foreign faculty to boost rankings and then not invite them to staff meetings.
  • And it is nonsensical for a long term investment fund of that type to be in these pools in the first place.
  • To those who think this is such a nonsensical idea, why don't you try coming up with a better solution.
  • Along with such nonsensical nomenclature, the product itself doesn't look much better.
  • Everyone seems to know this, but they don't know how to do it, and therefore continue to put out these nonsensical comparisons.
Word Origin and History for nonsensical

1650s, from nonsense + -ical. Related: Nonsensically.

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