[nood, nyood]
adjective, nuder, nudest.
naked or unclothed, as a person or the body.
without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc.; bare: a nude stretch of land laid waste by brush fires.
(of a photograph, painting, statue, etc.) being or prominently displaying a representation of the nude human figure.
Law. made without a consideration or other legal essential: a nude contract.
having the color nude.
a sculpture, painting, etc., of a nude human figure.
an unclothed human figure.
the condition of being unclothed: to sleep in the nude.
a light grayish-yellow brown to brownish-pink color.

1525–35; < Latin nūdus; see naked

nudely, adverb
nudeness, noun
seminude, adjective
subnude, adjective

1. uncovered, undressed, undraped, exposed.

1. covered.

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World English Dictionary
nude (njuːd)
1.  completely unclothed; undressed
2.  having no covering; bare; exposed
3.  law
 a.  lacking some essential legal requirement, esp supporting evidence
 b.  (of a contract, agreement, etc) made without consideration and void unless under seal
4.  the state of being naked (esp in the phrase in the nude)
5.  a naked figure, esp in painting, sculpture, etc
[C16: from Latin nūdus]

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Word Origin & History

1531, a legal term, "unsupported, not formally attested," from L. nudus "naked, bare" (see naked). General sense of "mere, plain, simple" attested from 1551. In ref. to the human body, meaning "unclothed" is an artistic euphemism for naked, dating from 1611 (implied in nudity).
Nudism is a 1929 borrowing from Fr. nudisme; nudist "one who practices nudism" appeared at the same time.
"Made in Germany, imported to France, is the cult of Nudism, a mulligan stew of vegetarianism, physical culture and pagan worship." ["Time," July 1, 1929]
Nudie "a nude show" is from 1935.
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Computing Dictionary

nude definition

Said of machines delivered without an operating system (compare bare metal). "We ordered 50 systems, but they all arrived nude, so we had to spend a an extra weekend with the installation tapes." This usage is a recent innovation reflecting the fact that most PC clones are now delivered with DOS or Microsoft Windows pre-installed at the factory. Other kinds of hardware are still normally delivered without OS, so this term is particular to PC support groups.
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