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okay (ˌəʊˈkeɪ)
sentence substitute, —adj, —vb, —n
a variant of O.K.

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OK definition

and okay
  1. interj.
    accepted; agreed. (Initialism. From a jocular, mispelled abbreviation Oll Kerrect.) : So, he said, like, “okay,” and, like, I go “okay.” So we both go “Okay.” Okay?
  2. mod.
    acceptable. : This cake is okay, but not what I would call first rate.
  3. mod.
    acceptably. : She ran okay—nothing spectacular.
  4. n.
    (someone's) acceptance. : I won't give the final okay until I see the plans.
  5. tv.
    to approve something. : She refused to okay our plans.

  6. Go to ak. :
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Example sentences
It's okay to sip or slurp from the bowl, and shovel the last bits of a meal
  using your chopsticks.
It is okay to look at notes periodically, but don't depend on them during the
As long as you're not hurting the animals in a permanent way it's okay.
People with short versions of the gene do okay when they lose sleep.
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