an assemblage of articles that equip a person for a particular task, role, trade, etc.: an explorer's outfit.
a set of usually matching or harmonious garments and accessories worn together; coordinated costume; ensemble: a new spring outfit.
a set of articles for any purpose: a cooking outfit.
a group associated in an undertaking requiring close cooperation, as a military unit.
a business firm engaged in a particular form of commercial enterprise: a construction outfit.
any company, party, or set.
the act of fitting out or equipping for any purpose, as for a voyage, journey, or expedition.
mental, physical, or moral equipment.
verb (used with object), outfitted, outfitting.
to furnish with an outfit, equipment, etc.; fit out; equip: to outfit an expedition to the South Pole.
Nautical. to finish equipping (a vessel) at a dock.
verb (used without object), outfitted, outfitting.
to furnish oneself with an outfit.

1755–65; out- + fit1

outfitter, noun
preoutfit, verb (used with object), preoutfitted, preoutfitting.
reoutfit, verb (used with object), reoutfitted, reoutfitting.

1, 3. kit. 9. appoint, supply, rig.
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outfit (ˈaʊtˌfɪt)
1.  a set of articles or equipment for a particular task, occupation, etc
2.  a set of clothes, esp a carefully selected one
3.  informal any group or association regarded as a cohesive unit, such as a military company, business house, etc
4.  the act of fitting out
5.  (Canadian) (formerly) the annual shipment of trading goods and supplies sent by a fur company to its trading posts
vb , -fits, -fitting, -fitted
6.  to furnish or be furnished with an outfit, equipment, etc

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Word Origin & History

1769, "act of fitting out (a ship, etc.) for an expedition," from out + fit (v.). Sense of "articles and equipment required for an expedition" first attested 1787, Amer.Eng.; meaning "a person's clothes" is first recorded 1852; sense of "group of people" is from 1883. The verb is attested from 1840.
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Example sentences
Efforts to outfit the organs with protective proteins have succeeded only in delaying rejection for a few months.
We had to outfit her for cold weather and protect her from the sun.
The casually outfit couple looked comfortable and glad.
We should discourage scientists from interaction with any war outfit.
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