[v. oh-ver-floh; n. oh-ver-floh]
verb (used without object), overflowed, overflown, overflowing.
to flow or run over, as rivers or water: After the thaw, the river overflows and causes great damage.
to have the contents flowing over or spilling, as an overfull container: Stop pouring or your glass is going to overflow.
to pass from one place or part to another as if flowing from an overfull space: The population overflowed into the adjoining territory.
to be filled or supplied with in great measure: a heart overflowing with gratitude; a region overflowing with orchards and vineyards.
verb (used with object), overflowed, overflown, overflowing.
to flow over; flood; inundate: The river overflowed several farms.
to flow over or beyond (the brim, banks, borders, etc.).
to cause to overflow.
to flow over the edge or brim of (a receptacle, container, etc.).
to fill to the point of running over.
an overflowing: the annual overflow of the Nile.
something that flows or runs over: to carry off the overflow from a fountain.
a portion crowded out of an overfilled place: to house the overflow of the museum's collection in another building.
an excess or superabundance: an overflow of applicants for the job.
an outlet or receptacle for excess liquid: The tank is equipped with an overflow.

before 900; Middle English overflowen, Old English oferflōwan. See over-, flow

overflowable, adjective
overflowingly, adverb
unoverflowing, adjective

13. overabundance, surplus, plethora, flood, glut.
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vb (usually foll by with) , obsolete -flows, -flowing, -flowed, -flown
1.  to flow or run over (a limit, brim, bank, etc)
2.  to fill or be filled beyond capacity so as to spill or run over
3.  to be filled with happiness, tears, etc
4.  (tr) to spread or cover over; flood or inundate
5.  overflowing matter, esp liquid
6.  any outlet that enables surplus liquid to be discharged or drained off, esp one just below the top of a tank or cistern
7.  the amount by which a limit, capacity, etc, is exceeded
8.  computing a condition that occurs when numeric operations produce results too large to store in the memory space assigned to it

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Word Origin & History

O.E. oferfleow "to flow across, flood, inundate," also "to flow over (a brim or bank)," from ofer "over" + fleow "flow." The noun is attested from 1589.
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Example sentences
Empty seats are abundant in a room that once was routinely filled to
Nurseries are overflowing with poinsettias this month.
Stepping inside, a curious tourist found a studio overflowing with pots.
When the speaking came at night, the house was crowded to overflowing.
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