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[pimp] /pɪmp/
a person, especially a man, who solicits customers for a prostitute or a brothel, usually in return for a share of the earnings; pander; procurer.
a despicable person.
Australia and New Zealand. an informer; stool pigeon.
verb (used without object)
to act as a pimp.
verb (used with object)
to act as a pimp for.
to exploit.
Origin of pimp
1630-40; origin uncertain Unabridged
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Examples from the web for pimp
  • Her second pimp did, knocking out a few teeth and sending her to the hospital.
  • Writers can afford to pimp for extreme measures because no one holds them responsible.
  • Maybe, but that's a far cry from being an online pimp.
  • He's the gambler, drug dealer, and pimp of the news world.
  • Set anyone to the right song and they come off looking pimp.
  • The ultimate celebrity status symbol might be having a guy on retainer who can pimp your ride.
  • It's an amusing trip down memory lane, complete with a robotic pimp and cheesy kaleidoscopic freak-out scenes.
  • Tell me why another is a principle-free pimp and a prevaricator.
British Dictionary definitions for pimp


a man who solicits for a prostitute or brothel and lives off the earnings
a man who procures sexual gratification for another; procurer; pander
(intransitive) to act as a pimp
(transitive) (slang) to adapt or embellish in an ostentatious manner
Word Origin
C17: of unknown origin


a spy or informer
(intransitive) often foll by on. to inform (on)
Word Origin
of unknown origin
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Word Origin and History for pimp

c.1600, of unknown origin, perhaps from Middle French pimpant "alluring in dress, seductive," present participle of pimper "to dress elegantly" (16c.), from Old French pimpelorer, pipelorer "decorate, color, beautify." Weekley suggests Middle French pimpreneau, defined in Cotgrave (1611) as "a knave, rascall, varlet, scoundrell," but Liberman is against this.

Judging by such recorded meanings of pimp as 'helper in mines; servant in logging camps,' this word was originally applied to boys and servants. [Liberman]
The word also means "informer, stool pigeon" in Australia and New Zealand and in South Africa, where by early 1960s it existed in Swahili form impimpsi. Pimpmobile first recorded 1973 (six years before Popemobile).
PIMP. A male procurer, or cock bawd; also a small faggot used about London for lighting fires, named from introducing the fire to the coals. ["Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit and Pickpocket Eloquence," London, 1811]


1630s (intransitive) "to act as a pimp," from pimp (n.). Related: Pimped; pimping.

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Slang definitions & phrases for pimp


  1. A very cool person: Pimp, a cool guy who's popular with girls (1990s+ Teenagers)
  2. An informer

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