[pis-mahyuh r, piz-] /ˈpɪsˌmaɪər, ˈpɪz-/
an ant.
1350–1400; Middle English pissemyre, equivalent to pisse to urinate + obsolete mire ant, perhaps < Scandinavian (compare Danish myre, Swedish myra), cognate with Dutch mier; pejorative name from stench of formic acid proper to ants
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Apparently all humans are able to smell ants, and that there is a specific word for this smell: pismire.
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pismire (ˈpɪsˌmaɪə)
an archaic or dialect word for an ant
[C14 (literally: urinating ant, from the odour of formic acid characteristic of an ant hill): from piss + obsolete mire ant, of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse maurr, Middle Low German mīre ant]

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Word Origin and History for pismire
late 14c., from pyss "urine" (in reference to the acrid smell of an anthill) + mire "an ant," probably from O.N. maurr "ant," perhaps distantly connected with Gk. myrmex, L. formica "ant." Cf. pissant, also early Du. mierseycke (from seycke "urine"), Finn. kusiainen (from kusi "urine").
"He is as angry as a pissemyre,
Though þat he haue al that he kan desire."
Applied contemptuously to persons from 1560s.
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