[pis] Vulgar.
verb (used without object), pissed, pissing.
to urinate.
piss away, Slang. to squander; fritter away:
piss off, Slang.
to anger.
to go away; leave (often used imperatively).
take a piss, to urinate.

1250–1300; Middle English pissen < Old French pissier < Vulgar Latin *pisiāre (imitative)

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piss (pɪs)
1.  (intr) to urinate
2.  (tr) to discharge as or in one's urine: to piss blood
3.  an act of urinating
4.  urine
5.  (Austral) beer
6.  on the piss drinking alcohol, esp in large quantities
7.  piece of piss something easily obtained of achieved
8.  take the piss to tease or make fun of someone or something
9.  piss all over to be far superior to: a version that pisses all over the original
[C13: from Old French pisser, probably of imitative origin]

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Word Origin & History

late 13c., from O.Fr. pissier "urinate" (12c.), from V.L. *pissiare, of imitative origin. As a pure intensifier (cf. piss-poor, piss-ugly, etc.) it dates from World War II. Pissed off "angry, fed up" is 1946, U.S. slang. To piss off "go away" is attested from 1958, chiefly British. Piss and vinegar first
attested 1942. Piss-prophet "one who diagnosed diseases by inspection of urine" is attested from 1620s. Piss proud "erect upon awakening" is attested from 1796.
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Slang Dictionary

piss definition

  1. in.
    to urinate. (Colloquial. Usually objectionable. Some expressions, such as pissed off, are common colloquial with wide but not universal use or acceptance. Other expressions with piss are more restricted in some circles. See the complete list of all entries with piss in the Index of Hidden Key Words.) : Who pissed on the floor of the john?
  2. n.
    urine. (Usually objectionable.) : You got piss on your pants leg.
  3. n.
    bad beer; bad liquor; any bad-tasting or poor-quality liquid. (Usually objectionable.) : How about another can of that piss you serve here?
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