small enough to be carried in one's pocket; pocket-size.

1690–1700; pocket + -able

pocketability, pocketableness, noun
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pocket (ˈpɒkɪt)
1.  a small bag or pouch in a garment for carrying small articles, money, etc
2.  any bag or pouch or anything resembling this
3.  a.  a cavity or hollow in the earth, etc, such as one containing gold or other ore
 b.  the ore in such a place
4.  a small enclosed or isolated area: a pocket of resistance
5.  billiards, snooker any of the six holes with pouches or nets let into the corners and sides of a billiard table
6.  a position in a race in which a competitor is hemmed in
7.  Australian rules football a player in one of two side positions at the ends of the ground: back pocket; forward pocket
8.  (South African) a bag or sack of vegetables or fruit
9.  in one's pocket under one's control
10.  in pocket having made a profit, as after a transaction
11.  rugby in the pocket (of a fly half) in an attacking position slightly further back from play than normal, making himself available for a drop goal attempt
12.  out of pocket having made a loss, as after a transaction
13.  line one's pockets to make money, esp by dishonesty when in a position of trust
14.  (modifier) suitable for fitting in a pocket; small: a pocket edition
15.  slang (modifier) poker denoting a pair formed from the two private cards dealt to a player in a game of Texas hold 'em: pocket queens
vb , -ets, -eting, -eted
16.  to put into one's pocket
17.  to take surreptitiously or unlawfully; steal
18.  (usually passive) to enclose or confine in or as if in a pocket
19.  to receive (an insult, injury, etc) without retaliating
20.  to conceal or keep back (feelings): he pocketed his pride and accepted help
21.  billiards, snooker to drive (a ball) into a pocket
22.  (US) See also pocket veto (esp of the President) to retain (a bill) without acting on it in order to prevent it from becoming law
23.  to hem in (an opponent), as in racing
[C15: from Anglo-Norman poket a little bag, from poque bag, from Middle Dutch pokepoke², bag; related to French poche pocket]

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