verb (used with object)
to suppress; put an end to; extinguish: The troops quelled the rebellion quickly.
to vanquish; subdue.
to quiet or allay (emotions, anxieties, etc.): The child's mother quelled his fears of the thunder.

before 900; Middle English quellen, Old English cwellan to kill; akin to Old Norse kvelja to torment, German quälen to vex; cf. kill1

quellable, adjective
queller, noun
unquellable, adjective
unquelled, adjective

kill, kiln, quell.

1, 2. crush, quash, overpower, overcome, defeat, conquer, quench. 3. calm, pacify, compose, hush.

1, 2. foster. 3. agitate.
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quell (kwɛl)
1.  to suppress or beat down (rebellion, disorder, etc); subdue
2.  to overcome or allay: to quell pain; to quell grief
[Old English cwellan to kill; related to Old Saxon quellian, Old High German quellen, Old Norse kvelja to torment]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. cwellan "to kill, murder, execute," from P.Gmc. *kwaljanan (cf. O.E. cwelan "to die," cwalu "violent death;" O.S. quellian "to torture, kill;" O.N. kvelja "to torment;" M.Du. quelen "to vex, tease, torment;" O.H.G. quellan "to suffer pain," Ger. qualen "to torment, torture"), from root *kwel-/*kwal-
(cf. Armenian kelem "I torture;" O.C.S. zali "pain;" Lith. galas "end," gela "agony," gelati "to sting"). Milder sense of "suppress, extinguish" developed by c.1300.
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Example sentences
He practiced endlessly as well, to quell his nervousness.
Her bitter Love shall quell me at the last.
If the monsoon lives up to expectations, the prospect of a good summer harvest
  will help to quell food inflation.
Flanked by newsmen, the mayor-elect tries to quell the pandemonium that broke
  loose upon his appearance after victory.
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