[ri-pey] /rɪˈpeɪ/
verb (used with object), repaid, repaying.
to pay back or refund, as money.
to make return for:
"She repaid the compliment with a smile."
to make return to in any way:
"We can never repay you for your help."
to return:
"to repay a visit."
verb (used without object), repaid, repaying.
to make repayment or return.
1520–30; < Middle French repaier. See re-, pay1
Related forms
repayable, adjective
repayability, noun
repayment, noun
nonrepayable, adjective
nonrepaying, adjective
unrepaid, adjective
unrepayable, adjective
well-repaid, adjective
1. reimburse, indemnify. 3. requite, reward.
Example Sentences for repay
And it does all this with billions of money that could be used to, say, repay the government.
Ethically and practically, you have to repay the money.
Special funds repay herders for lost livestock-if no lion is harmed.
The cities and building owners will repay the loans from monies saved by reduced energy costs.
Having run up a debt that it would never be able to repay, the country faced a number of potential outcomes, all unpleasant.
Fossil fuels are so energy dense that they quickly repay all investment.
When the jobs went away the ability to repay those loans was cut off at the knees.
As a result, loans were given to borrowers who could not repay, and ultimately defaulted.
Defaulting on a loan that you have the resources to repay is, of course, morally wrong.
One is that investors, worried about the government's ability to repay the additional debt, will drive up interest rates.
British Dictionary definitions for repay
repay (rɪˈpeɪ)
vb , -pays, -paying, -paid
1.  to pay back (money) to (a person); refund or reimburse
2.  to make a return for (something) by way of compensation: to repay kindness

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Word Origin and History for repay
1467 (implied in repayment), from O.Fr. repaier, from re- "back, again" + payer "to pay" (see pay).
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