backward movement.
decline or deterioration.

1545–55; < Late Latin retrōgradātiōn- (stem of retrōgradātiō), probably equivalent to Latin retrōgrad(us) retrograde + -ātiō -ation, as translation of Greek anapodismós

retrogradatory [re-truh-grey-duh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] , adjective Unabridged
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retrograde (ˈrɛtrəʊˌɡreɪd)
1.  moving or bending backwards
2.  (esp of order) reverse or inverse
3.  tending towards an earlier worse condition; declining or deteriorating
4.  astronomy
 a.  Compare direct occurring or orbiting in a direction opposite to that of the earth's motion around the sun
 b.  occurring or orbiting in a direction around a planet opposite to the planet's rotational direction: the retrograde motion of the satellite Phoebe around Saturn
 c.  appearing to move in a clockwise direction due to the rotational period exceeding the period of revolution around the sun: Venus has retrograde rotation
5.  biology tending to retrogress; degenerate
6.  music of, concerning, or denoting a melody or part that is played backwards
7.  obsolete opposed, contrary, or repugnant to
8.  to move in a retrograde direction; retrogress
9.  (US) military another word for retreat
[C14: from Latin retrōgradī to go backwards, from gradi to walk, go]

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Example sentences
Retrogradation and gel textural attributes of corn starch amylose and
  amylopectin fractions.
Bread staling was mainly due to amylopectin retrogradation.
Two mechanisms are used to solidify starch droplets: retrogradation and
Effects of critical fluid lipid extraction on the gelatinization and
  retrogradation of normal dent cornstarch.
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