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[ri-vur-buh-rey-shuh n] /rɪˌvɜr bəˈreɪ ʃən/
a reechoed sound.
the fact of being reverberated or reflected.
something that is reverberated:
Reverberations from the explosion were felt within a six-mile radius.
an act or instance of reverberating.
Physics. the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped, caused by multiple reflection of the sound within a closed space.
the act or process of subjecting something to reflected heat, as in a reverberatory furnace.
Origin of reverberation
1350-1400; Middle English reverberacioun < Medieval Latin reverberātiōn- (stem of reverberātiō). See reverberate, -ion Unabridged
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Examples from the web for reverberation
  • The culprit is reverberation, or the echoes that distort the waveform, not to mention from the recording equipment itself.
  • The violet had to serve as a link between these two strong flavors-as a reverberation of spring.
  • The reverberation of the legend merely grew from local to worldwide.
  • reverberation and background noise often make it difficult for students to understand what the teacher is saying.
  • reverberation is a phenomenon that prevents sounds from decaying as rapidly as they should.
Word Origin and History for reverberation

late 14c., "reflection of light or heat," from Old French reverberacion "great flash of light; intense quality," from Medieval Latin reverberationem (nominative reverberatio), noun of action from past participle stem of Latin reverberare "beat back, strike back, repel, cause to rebound," from re- "back" (see re-) + verberare "to strike, to beat," from verber "whip, lash, rod," related to verbena "leaves and branches of laurel," from PIE *werb- "to turn, bend" (see warp (v.)). Sense of "an echo" is attested from 1620s.

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