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[roh-teyt or, esp. British, roh-teyt] /ˈroʊ teɪt or, esp. British, roʊˈteɪt/
verb (used with object), rotated, rotating.
to cause to turn around an axis or center point; revolve.
to cause to go through a cycle of changes; cause to pass or follow in a fixed routine of succession:
to rotate farm crops.
to replace (a person, troops, etc.) by another or others, usually according to a schedule or plan.
verb (used without object), rotated, rotating.
to turn around on or as if on an axis.
to proceed in a fixed routine of succession:
The sentries rotated in keeping watch.
Origin of rotate1
1800-10; < Latin rotātus (past participle of rotāre to cause to spin, roll, move in a circle), equivalent to rot(a) wheel + -ātus -ate1
Related forms
rotatable, adjective
rotatably, adverb
nonrotatable, adjective
nonrotating, adjective
unrotated, adjective
unrotating, adjective
1. wheel, whirl. See turn. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for rotating
  • We also have a rotating distinguished teaching chair in the humanities, who mentors new faculty members.
  • Because the people you see will be rotating in and out of your day, they may not even know where you will go next, so you should.
  • Equal opposite reaction would mean he would not be able to move or start rotating.
  • Yes, this addictive game that has you rotating shapes to fit into a grid until you go mad may actually be making you smarter.
  • In one, for instance, the data showed that the pilot had trouble rotating the plane during takeoff.
  • Two animals lived on a rotating disc over a pool of water, separated by a fixed wall.
  • In mice, inserting and rotating acupuncture needles releases adenosine, which blocks pain signals.
  • To show his technique, he proposes a simple game that can be played by remote-controlled cars and a ground-level rotating disk.
  • These galaxies are differentially rotating--that is, the time to complete a full rotation increases with distance from the center.
  • Next time, though, the villagers may finally see the light--thanks to giant rotating mirrors known as heliostats.
British Dictionary definitions for rotating


revolving around a central axis, line, or point: the rotating blades of a helicopter
passing in turn to each of two or more eligible parties: the rotating presidency of the EU


verb (rəʊˈteɪt)
to turn or cause to turn around an axis, line, or point; revolve or spin
to follow or cause to follow a set order or sequence
(of a position, presidency, etc) to pass in turn from one eligible party to each of the other eligible parties
(of staff) to replace or be replaced in turn
adjective (ˈrəʊteɪt)
(botany) designating a corolla the united petals of which radiate from a central point like the spokes of a wheel
Derived Forms
rotatable, adjective
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Word Origin and History for rotating



1794, intransitive, back-formation from rotation. Transitive sense from 1823. Related: Rotated; rotating. Rotator "muscle which allows a part to be moved circularly" is recorded from 1670s.

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