somewhat salty.

1470–80; salt1 + -ish1

saltishly, adverb
saltishness, noun Unabridged
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salt (sɔːlt)
1.  a white powder or colourless crystalline solid, consisting mainly of sodium chloride and used for seasoning and preserving food
2.  (modifier) preserved in, flooded with, containing, or growing in salt or salty water: salt pork; salt marshes
3.  chem any of a class of usually crystalline solid compounds that are formed from, or can be regarded as formed from, an acid and a base by replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms in the acid molecules by positive ions from the base
4.  liveliness or pungency: his wit added salt to the discussion
5.  dry or laconic wit
6.  a sailor, esp one who is old and experienced
7.  short for saltcellar
8.  rub salt into someone's wounds to make someone's pain, shame, etc, even worse
9.  salt of the earth a person or group of people regarded as the finest of their kind
10.  with a grain of salt, with a pinch of salt with reservations; sceptically
11.  worth one's salt efficient; worthy of one's pay
vb (often foll by down or away)
12.  to season or preserve with salt
13.  to scatter salt over (an icy road, path, etc) to melt the ice
14.  to add zest to
15.  to preserve or cure with salt or saline solution
16.  chem to treat with common salt or other chemical salt
17.  to provide (cattle, etc) with salt
18.  to give a false appearance of value to, esp to introduce valuable ore fraudulently into (a mine, sample, etc)
19.  not sour, sweet, or bitter; salty
20.  obsolete rank or lascivious (esp in the phrase a salt wit)
[Old English sealt; related to Old Norse, Gothic salt, German Salz, Lettish sāls, Latin sāl, Greek hals]

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Parry says it was saltish, enough so to convince every one that they were really standing upon the sea.
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