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a check to progress; a reverse or defeat: The new law was a setback.
Architecture. a recession of the upper part of a building from the building line, as to lighten the structure or to permit a desired amount of light and air to reach ground level at the foot of the building.
an act or instance of setting back: A nightly setback of your home thermostats can save a great deal of fuel.
Also, set-back. a downward temperature adjustment of a thermostat, especially performed automatically, as by a timer.

1665–75; noun use of verb phrase set back

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Example sentences
Also, check with local officials on property line setback requirements.
Science suffers a setback and leads to a breakthrough.
Certain factors can cause dry eyes, which in my case caused a major setback on
  two different occasions.
It was a setback for play advocates and made researchers wonder whether the
  field was based on science or sentimental hype.
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