the state or quality of being single.

1520–30; single + -ness Unabridged
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single (ˈsɪŋɡəl)
1.  existing alone; solitary: upon the hill stood a single tower
2.  distinct from other things; unique or individual
3.  composed of one part
4.  designed for one user: a single room; a single bed
5.  (also postpositive) unmarried
6.  connected with the condition of being unmarried: he led a single life
7.  (esp of combat) involving two individuals; one against one
8.  sufficient for one person or thing only: a single portion of food
9.  even one: there wasn't a single person on the beach
10.  (of a flower) having only one set or whorl of petals
11.  determined; single-minded: a single devotion to duty
12.  (of the eye) seeing correctly: to consider something with a single eye
13.  rare honest or sincere; genuine
14.  archaic (of ale, beer, etc) mild in strength
15.  something forming one individual unit
16.  an unmarried person
17.  a gramophone record, CD, or cassette with a short recording, usually of pop music, on it
18.  golf a game between two players
19.  cricket a hit from which one run is scored
20.  a.  (Brit) a pound note
 b.  (US), (Canadian) a dollar note
21.  See single ticket
vb (usually foll by out)
22.  to select from a group of people or things; distinguish by separation: he singled him out for special mention
23.  (tr) to thin out (seedlings)
24.  short for single-foot
[C14: from Old French sengle, from Latin singulus individual]

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Example sentences
All else is secondary, and it is this singleness of aim that gives his work its
  driving power.
In nature everything is distinct, yet nothing defined into absolute independent
And each of these three is invested with a singleness of purpose that lends
  danger to whatever they wish for.
The investigator should maintain a singleness of purpose during the interview.
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