deprived of skin: a skinless carcass.
(of frankfurters or sausages) having no casing.

1300–50; Middle English skinles. See skin, -less Unabridged
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skin (skɪn)
1.  a.  the tissue forming the outer covering of the vertebrate body: it consists of two layers (the dermis and epidermis), the outermost of which may be covered with hair, scales, feathers, etc. It is mainly protective and sensory in function
 b.  dermis See also epidermis (as modifier): a skin disease Related: cutaneous, dermatoid
2.  a person's complexion: a fair skin
3.  any similar covering in a plant or lower animal
4.  any coating or film, such as one that forms on the surface of a liquid
5.  Compare hide unsplit leather made from the outer covering of various mammals, reptiles, etc
6.  the outer covering of a fur-bearing animal, dressed and finished with the hair on
7.  a container made from animal skin
8.  the outer covering surface of a vessel, rocket, etc
9.  a person's skin regarded as his life: to save one's skin
10.  informal (often plural) (in jazz or pop use) a drum
11.  informal short for skinhead
12.  slang a cigarette paper used for rolling a cannabis cigarette
13.  slang (Irish) a person; sort: he's a good old skin
14.  by the skin of one's teeth by a narrow margin; only just
15.  informal get under one's skin to irritate one
16.  jump out of one's skin to be very startled
17.  informal no skin off one's nose not a matter that affects one adversely
18.  skin and bone extremely thin
19.  thick skin an insensitive nature
20.  thin skin a sensitive nature
vb , skins, skinning, skinned
21.  (tr) to remove the outer covering from (fruit, etc)
22.  (tr) to scrape a small piece of skin from (a part of oneself) in falling, etc: he skinned his knee
23.  (often foll by over) to cover (something) with skin or a skinlike substance or (of something) to become covered in this way
24.  slang (tr) to strip of money; swindle
25.  relating to or for the skin: skin cream
26.  slang chiefly (US) involving or depicting nudity: skin magazines
Related: cutaneous, dermatoid
[Old English scinn, from Old Norse skinn]

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Example sentences
Split down the middle, a skinless human cadaver offers an eye on the body's inner workings.
On top of the ramekin she sets a skinless half chicken or a hunk of lean pork shoulder.
Buy skinless chicken parts, or take off the skin before cooking.
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