a person who smells.
a person who tests by smelling.
Informal. the nose.
a tactile hair or process, as one of the whiskers of a cat; a feeler.

1510–20; smell + -er1 Unabridged
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smell (smɛl)
vb (often foll by of) (often foll by out) (foll by of) , smells, smelling, smelt, smelled
1.  (tr) to perceive the scent or odour of (a substance) by means of the olfactory nerves
2.  (copula) to have a specified smell; appear to the sense of smell to be: the beaches smell of seaweed; some tobacco smells very sweet
3.  to emit an odour (of): the park smells of flowers
4.  (intr) to emit an unpleasant odour; stink
5.  to detect through shrewdness or instinct
6.  (intr) to have or use the sense of smell; sniff
7.  to give indications (of): he smells of money
8.  (intr; foll by around, about, etc) to search, investigate, or pry
9.  (copula) to be or seem to be untrustworthy or corrupt
10.  smell a rat to detect something suspicious
11.  that sense (olfaction) by which scents or odours are perceivedRelated: olfactory
12.  anything detected by the sense of smell; odour; scent
13.  a trace or indication
14.  the act or an instance of smelling
Related: olfactory
[C12: of uncertain origin; compare Middle Dutch smölen to scorch]

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smeller definition

  1. n.
    (one's) nose. : I think my smeller's gone bad because of my cold.
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