suitable for being smoked.
Usually, smokables. things for smoking, as cigars or cigarettes.
Also, smokeable.

1830–40; smoke + -able

unsmokable, adjective
unsmokeable, adjective Unabridged
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smoke (sməʊk)
1.  the product of combustion, consisting of fine particles of carbon carried by hot gases and air
2.  any cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas
3.  a.  the act of smoking tobacco or other substances, esp in a pipe or as a cigarette or cigar
 b.  the duration of smoking such substances
4.  informal
 a.  a cigarette or cigar
 b.  a substance for smoking, such as pipe tobacco or marijuana
5.  something with no concrete or lasting substance: everything turned to smoke
6.  a thing or condition that obscures
7.  any of various colours similar to that of smoke, esp a dark grey with a bluish, yellowish, or greenish tinge
8.  go up in smoke, end up in smoke
 a.  to come to nothing
 b.  to burn up vigorously
 c.  to flare up in anger
9.  (intr) to emit smoke or the like, sometimes excessively or in the wrong place
10.  a.  to draw in on (a burning cigarette, etc) and exhale the smoke
 b.  to use tobacco for smoking
11.  slang (intr) to use marijuana for smoking
12.  (tr) to bring (oneself) into a specified state by smoking
13.  (tr) to subject or expose to smoke
14.  (tr) to cure (meat, fish, cheese, etc) by treating with smoke
15.  (tr) to fumigate or purify the air of (rooms, etc)
16.  (tr) to darken (glass, etc) by exposure to smoke
17.  slang (intr) to move, drive, ride, etc, very fast
18.  obsolete (tr) to tease or mock
19.  archaic (tr) to suspect or detect
[Old English smoca (n); related to Middle Dutch smieken to emit smoke]

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Example sentences
Crack is cocaine mixed with baking soda to make it smokable and stronger.
The liquid form can be injected, consumed in drinks, or added to smokable
Crack, a common street drug, is the smokable form of cocaine.
The liquid form is odorless and colorless which can be injected, consumed in
  drinks or added to smokable materials.
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