the state, property, or quality of being solid.
firmness and strength; substantialness: an argument with little solidity.
strength of mind, character, finances, etc.
Obsolete. the amount of space occupied by a solid body; volume.

1525–35; < Latin soliditās, equivalent to solid(us) solid + -itās -ity

unsolidity, noun Unabridged
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solid (ˈsɒlɪd)
1.  liquid Compare gas of, concerned with, or being a substance in a physical state in which it resists changes in size and shape
2.  consisting of matter all through
3.  of the same substance all through: solid rock
4.  sound; proved or provable: solid facts
5.  reliable or sensible; upstanding: a solid citizen
6.  firm, strong, compact, or substantial: a solid table; solid ground
7.  (of a meal or food) substantial
8.  (often postpositive) without interruption or respite; continuous: solid bombardment
9.  financially sound or solvent: a solid institution
10.  strongly linked or consolidated: a solid relationship
11.  geometry having or relating to three dimensions: a solid figure; solid geometry
12.  (of a word composed of two or more other words or elements) written or printed as a single word without a hyphen
13.  printing with no space or leads between lines of type
14.  solid for unanimously in favour of
15.  (of a writer, work, performance, etc) adequate; sensible
16.  of or having a single uniform colour or tone
17.  informal (NZ) excessive; unreasonably strict
18.  geometry
 a.  a closed surface in three-dimensional space
 b.  such a surface together with the volume enclosed by it
19.  a solid substance, such as wood, iron, or diamond
20.  (plural) solid food, as opposed to liquid
[C14: from Old French solide, from Latin solidus firm; related to Latin sollus whole]

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Example sentences
We show off by noting the interestingness of our companions, the solidity of
  our relationships, the fabulousness of our meals.
Solidity emerges as being intricate, giddy, playful.
The poles were still slender, but they'd acquired bulk, solidity.
They have a weight and solidity to them, which makes them almost tangible.
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