a person or thing that speeds.
a driver who exceeds the legal speed limit.
a small self-propelled railroad car powered by a gasoline engine and used by section hands.

1350–1400; Middle English; see speed, -er1

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speed (spiːd)
1.  the act or quality of acting or moving fast; rapidity
2.  the rate at which something moves, is done, or acts
3.  physics
 a scalar measure of the rate of movement of a body expressed either as the distance travelled divided by the time taken (average speed) or the rate of change of position with respect to time at a particular point (instantaneous speed). It is measured in metres per second, miles per hour, etc
4.  a rate of rotation, usually expressed in revolutions per unit time
5.  a.  a gear ratio in a motor vehicle, bicycle, etc
 b.  (in combination): a three-speed gear
6.  photog See also ISO rating a numerical expression of the sensitivity to light of a particular type of film, paper, or plate
7.  photog a measure of the ability of a lens to pass light from an object to the image position, determined by the aperture and also the transmitting power of the lens. It increases as the f-number is decreased and vice versa
8.  a slang word for amphetamine
9.  archaic prosperity or success
10.  at speed quickly
11.  up to speed
 a.  operating at an acceptable or competitive level
 b.  in possession of all the relevant or necessary information
vb , speeds, speeding, sped, speeded
12.  to move or go or cause to move or go quickly
13.  (intr) to drive (a motor vehicle) at a high speed, esp above legal limits
14.  (tr) to help further the success or completion of
15.  slang (intr) to take or be under the influence of amphetamines
16.  (intr) to operate or run at a high speed
17.  archaic
 a.  (intr) to prosper or succeed
 b.  (tr) to wish success to
[Old English spēd (originally in the sense: success); related to spōwan to succeed, Latin spēs hope, Old Slavonic spěti to be lucky]

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Example sentences
Officer had a reasonable suspicion to stop a speeder.
Speed-caused accidents happen because of the speed difference between regular
  traffic flow and the speeder.
However, grand juries rarely convict a speeder who kills.
Unfortunately, the members of the citizen jury identify with the speeder.
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