approximately square.

1735–45; square + -ish1

squarishly, adverb
squarishness, noun
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square (skwɛə)
1.  rectangle Compare rhombus a plane geometric figure having four equal sides and four right angles
2.  any object, part, or arrangement having this or a similar shape: a square of carpet; a square on a chess board
3.  (capital when part of name) an open area in a town, sometimes including the surrounding buildings, which may form a square
4.  maths the product of two equal factors; the second power: 9 is the square of 3, written 3²
5.  an instrument having two strips of wood, metal, etc, set in the shape of a T or L, used for constructing or testing right angles
6.  cricket the closely-cut area in the middle of a ground on which wickets are prepared
7.  a body of soldiers drawn up in the form of a square
8.  rowing the position of the blade of an oar perpendicular to the surface of the water just before and during a stroke
9.  informal a person who is old-fashioned in views, customs, appearance, etc
10.  astrology conjunction opposition See trine an aspect of about 90° between two planets, etc
11.  obsolete a standard, pattern, or rule
12.  back to square one indicating a return to the starting-point of an investigation, experiment, etc, because of failure, lack of progress, etc
13.  on the square
 a.  at right angles
 b.  on equal terms
 c.  informal honestly and openly
 d.  slang a phrase identifying someone as a Freemason: he is on the square
14.  out of square
 a.  not at right angles or not having a right angle
 b.  not in order or agreement
15.  being a square in shape
16.  having or forming one or more right angles or being at right angles to something
17.  square or rectangular in section: a square bar
18.  a.  (prenominal) denoting a measure of area of any shape: a circle of four square feet
 b.  (immediately postpositive) denoting a square having a specified length on each side: a board four feet square contains 16 square feet
19.  fair and honest (esp in the phrase a square deal)
20.  straight, even, or level: a square surface
21.  cricket at right angles to the wicket: square leg
22.  sport in a straight line across the pitch: a square pass
23.  nautical (of the sails of a square-rigger) set at right angles to the keel
24.  informal old-fashioned in views, customs, appearance, etc
25.  stocky or sturdy: square shoulders
26.  (postpositive) having no remaining debts or accounts to be settled
27.  (of a horse's gait) sound, steady, or regular
28.  (prenominal) unequivocal or straightforward: a square contradiction
29.  (postpositive) neat and tidy
30.  maths (of a matrix) having the same number of rows and columns
31.  all square on equal terms; even in score
32.  informal square peg, square peg in a round hole a person or thing that is a misfit, such as an employee in a job for which he is unsuited
vb (often foll by with)
33.  to make into a square or similar shape
34.  maths to raise (a number or quantity) to the second power
35.  to test or adjust for deviation with respect to a right angle, plane surface, etc
36.  (sometimes foll by off) to divide into squares
37.  to position so as to be rectangular, straight, or level: square the shoulders
38.  (sometimes foll by up) to settle (debts, accounts, etc)
39.  to level (the score) in a game, etc
40.  to agree or cause to agree: your ideas don't square with mine
41.  rowing to turn (an oar) perpendicular to the surface of the water just before commencing a stroke
42.  Compare feather (in canoeing) to turn (a paddle) perpendicular to the direction of the canoe at the commencement of a stroke
43.  to arrange (something), esp by a corrupt method or come to an arrangement with (someone), as by bribery
44.  square the circle to attempt the impossible (in reference to the insoluble problem of constructing a square having exactly the same area as a given circle)
45.  in order to be square
46.  at right angles
47.  sport in a straight line across the pitch: pass the ball square
48.  informal squarely
[C13: from Old French esquare, from Vulgar Latin exquadra (unattested), from Latin ex1 + quadrāre to make square; see quadrant]

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The crowding causes them to have a squarish shape rather than round.
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