easily squeezed, compressed, or the like.
(of a person) susceptible to intimidation or pressure, especially by blackmail.

1805–15; squeeze + -able

squeezability, squeezableness, noun
squeezably, adverb
unsqueezable, adjective
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squeeze (skwiːz)
1.  to grip or press firmly, esp so as to crush or distort; compress
2.  to crush or press (something) so as to extract (a liquid): to squeeze the juice from an orange; to squeeze an orange
3.  to apply gentle pressure to, as in affection or reassurance: he squeezed her hand
4.  to push or force in a confined space: to squeeze six lettuces into one box; to squeeze through a crowd
5.  to hug closely
6.  to oppress with exacting demands, such as excessive taxes
7.  to exert pressure on (someone) in order to extort (something): to squeeze money out of a victim by blackmail
8.  (intr) to yield under pressure
9.  to make an impression of (a coin, etc) in a soft substance
10.  bridge, whist to lead a card that forces (opponents) to discard potentially winning cards
11.  the act or an instance of squeezing or of being squeezed
12.  a hug or handclasp
13.  a crush of people in a confined space
14.  chiefly (Brit) a condition of restricted credit imposed by a government to counteract price inflation
15.  an impression, esp of a coin, etc, made in a soft substance
16.  an amount extracted by squeezing: add a squeeze of lemon juice
17.  commerce any action taken by a trader or traders on a market that forces buyers to make purchases and prices to rise
18.  informal pressure brought to bear in order to extort something (esp in the phrase put the squeeze on)
19.  bridge, whist Also called: squeeze play a manoeuvre that forces opponents to discard potentially winning cards
20.  informal a person with whom one is having a romantic relationship
[C16: from Middle English queysen to press, from Old English cwӯsan]

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Example sentences
Its shiny neoprene fabric is irresistibly squeezable.
Squeezable margarine instead of real melted butter adds to the ready-to-eat
Squeezable softness had become consumers' proxy for knowing when their bread
  had been baked.
Yellow duck-shaped inflatable float w/ or w/o duck-theme décor, with squeezable
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