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[stik-er] /ˈstɪk ər/
a person or thing that sticks.
an adhesive label.
Informal. sticker price.
something, as a problem or riddle, that puzzles or nonpluses one.
Slang. a knife, especially one used as a weapon by a criminal.
a worker who kills animals in a slaughterhouse by piercing the jugular vein with a pointed instrument.
a bur, thorn, or the like.
of or relating to the sticker price of an automobile:
Customers are experiencing sticker shock at the high price of new cars.
verb (used with object)
to place a sticker on.
Origin of sticker
1575-85; stick2 + -er1 Unabridged
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Examples from the web for sticker
  • We all had a friendly chuckle over it, and for fixing the typo he rewarded us with a bumper sticker.
  • Another interesting point that comments about this often miss is that universities don't really charge the sticker price.
  • These costs are now dropping, he added, but sticker shock remains a drawback.
  • Government incentives will help ease sticker shock for early adopters of electric cars.
  • Affiliation, of course, means more than a sticker in the window.
  • If you want the raw sequence data, and are willing to put your own labor hours into it, you can get it for a lower sticker price.
  • And that's more tangible good than a shiny gold sticker any day.
  • Of course, orders this big enjoy substantial, undisclosed discounts from the sticker price.
  • It's not the kind of thing you can put on a bumper sticker, either.
  • One might suspect that production costs vary enough to justify different sticker prices.
British Dictionary definitions for sticker


an adhesive label, poster, or paper
a person or thing that sticks
a persevering or industrious person
something prickly, such as a thorn, that clings to one's clothing, etc
(informal) something that perplexes
(informal) a knife used for stabbing or piercing
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Word Origin and History for sticker

"gummed adhesive label," 1871, from stick (v.).

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Slang definitions & phrases for sticker


  1. A baseball bat (1868+ Baseball)
  2. A baton or rod of office, now esp a conductor's baton (1688+)
  3. A golf club: The golf dudes had their bag of sticks (1857+)
  4. A billiard cue: I lived off the stick three months (1674+)
  5. The mast of a ship or boat: The gale blew the sticks right out of her (1802+)
  6. A control lever or handle; joy-stick (1914+)
  7. (also stick shift) A manual gearshift lever, esp one mounted on the floor (1971+)
  8. A slide rule; slipstick (1920s+)
  9. A ski pole (1961+)
  10. A clarinet; licorice stick (1920+ Jazz musicians)
  11. A marijuana cigarette; joint, stick of gage, stick of tea: Marijuana was easy to get, 25 cents a ''stick'' (1938+ Narcotics)
  12. A tall, thin person; beanpole (1940s+)
  13. A stiff, awkward person; an overformal person (1800+)
  14. A dull person; stick in the mud (1733+)
  15. A casino croupier (1940s+ Gambling)
  16. An assistant who poses as an ordinary innocent person; shill: The man who won the $246 was a shill, sometimes referred to as a ''stick''/ One operator, known as a ''stall'' or ''stick,'' distracts or frames the sucker in some way (1926+ Carnival & underworld)

To cheat; swindle; esp, to overcharge; shaft: runs the Bowie garage, routinely sticking what customers come his way (1699+)

Related Terms

boom sticks, carry the stick, dipshit, dope stick, fire stick, get on the stick, gob-stick, have a broom up one's ass, jive stick, kick stick, know what one can do with something, make something stick, shitstick, swizzle-stick, tea-stick, tell someone what to do with something

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