a small stream; rivulet.

1545–55; stream + -let Unabridged
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stream (striːm)
1.  a small river; brook
2.  any steady flow of water or other fluid
3.  something that resembles a stream in moving continuously in a line or particular direction
4.  a rapid or unbroken flow of speech, etc: a stream of abuse
5.  a flow of money into a business: a revenue stream
6.  (Brit) any of several parallel classes of schoolchildren, or divisions of children within a class, grouped together because of similar ability
7.  go with the stream, drift with the stream to conform to the accepted standards
8.  off stream (of an industrial plant, manufacturing process, etc) shut down or not in production
9.  on stream
 a.  (of an industrial plant, manufacturing process, etc) in or about to go into operation or production
 b.  available or in existence
vb (when intr, often foll by for)
10.  to emit or be emitted in a continuous flow: his nose streamed blood
11.  (intr) to move in unbroken succession, as a crowd of people, vehicles, etc
12.  (intr) to float freely or with a waving motion: bunting streamed in the wind
13.  (tr) to unfurl (a flag, etc)
14.  (intr) to move causing a trail of light, condensed gas, etc, as a jet aircraft
15.  mining to wash (earth, gravel, etc) in running water in prospecting (for gold, etc), to expose the particles of ore or metal
16.  (Brit) education to group or divide (children) in streams
[Old English; related to Old Frisian strām, Old Norse straumr, Old High German stroum, Greek rheuma]

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Example sentences
Here he stood, and looked upon the green winding margin of the streamlet-but its song he heard not.
Parts of the streamlet channels are usually covered by vegetation such as cattails or sedges.
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