[stroo] /stru/
verb (used with object), strewed, strewn
[stroon] /strun/ (Show IPA)
or strewed, strewing.
to let fall in separate pieces or particles over a surface; scatter or sprinkle:
"to strew seed in a garden bed."
to cover or overspread (a surface, place, etc.) with something scattered or sprinkled:
"to strew a floor with sawdust."
to be scattered or sprinkled over (a surface):
"Sawdust strewed the floor."
to spread widely; disseminate:
"to strew rumors among the troops."
before 1000; Middle English strewen, Old English strewian; cognate with German streuen, Old Norse strā, Gothic straujan; akin to Latin sternere to spread (see stratum)
Related forms
strewer, noun
understrew, verb (used with object), understrewed, understrewn or understrewed, understrewing.
unstrewed, adjective
unstrewn, adjective
1. broadcast. See sprinkle.
1. gather, reap.
Example Sentences for strewn
For instance, the surface is strewn with several fractured boulders.
The site is strewn with large boulders of dense igneous rock.
Go back to this post and picture this plant strewn all around the garden.
Many new parents find it difficult to suffer a living room strewn with brightly colored plastic toys.
The developing world is strewn with countries where sudden natural-resource booms turned out to hinder rather than help growth.
The contents of the garbage bag was strewn amongst the trees.
The abandoned lots were originally strewn with rusty cars, decrepit refrigerators and rubble.
But it also included money strewn among press commentators and members of opposition parties.
Pots and bowls were strewn about the palace kitchen.
When the curtain falls on a stage strewn with corpses, audiences hardly expect a sequel.
British Dictionary definitions for strewn
strew (struː)
vb , strews, strewing, strewed, strewn, strewed
to spread or scatter or be spread or scattered, as over a surface or area
[Old English streowian; related to Old Norse strā, Old High German streuwen, Latin struere to spread]

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Word Origin and History for strewn
O.E. streowian, from P.Gmc. *straujanan (cf. O.S. stroian, O.N. stra, Dan. strø, Swed. strö, M.Du. strowen, Du. strooien, O.H.G. strouwen, Ger. streuen, Goth. straujan "to sprinkle, strew"), from PIE base *stere- "to spread, extend, stretch out" (see structure).
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