[suhb-op-tuh-muh l] /sʌbˈɒp tə məl/
being below an optimal level or standard.
Also, suboptimum
[suhb-op-tuh-muh m] /sʌbˈɒp tə məm/ (Show IPA)
1930–35; sub- + optimal
Example Sentences for suboptimal
From the point of view of animal welfare, my snail eradication plan is suboptimal.
The point here is that the outcome will be suboptimal.
Zero regulating is vastly suboptimal to rational regulating.
Even leaving a suboptimal doctor doesn't necessarily leave a dent.
Usually decision making by large groups are suboptimal.
The only thing worse than a suboptimal currency area is a suboptimal central bank to go with it.
Many academics think this is suboptimal and call for more sophisticated management of markets.
Therefore, any plant-based approach will of suboptimal flux conversion ratios.
Production of ethanol via this process is obviously suboptimal since it is highly corrosive.
Unfortunately more complex creatures also have more spare or overlapping systems to help out a suboptimal allele.

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