capable of being told.
worthy of being told.

1475–85; tell1 + -able

tellableness, noun
untellable, adjective Unabridged
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tell1 (tɛl)
vb (when intr, usually foll by of) (often foll by of) (sometimes foll by on) , tells, telling, told
1.  (when tr, may take a clause as object) to let know or notify: he told me that he would go
2.  (tr) to order or instruct (someone to do something): I told her to send the letter airmail
3.  to give an account or narration (of something): she told me her troubles
4.  (tr) to communicate by words; utter: to tell the truth
5.  (tr) to make known; disclose: to tell fortunes
6.  to serve as an indication: her blush told of her embarrassment
7.  (tr; used with can, etc; may take a clause as object) to comprehend, discover, or discern: I can tell what is wrong
8.  (tr; used with can, etc) to distinguish or discriminate: he couldn't tell chalk from cheese
9.  (intr) to have or produce an impact, effect, or strain: every step told on his bruised feet
10.  informal to reveal secrets or gossip (about): don't tell!; she told on him
11.  (tr) to assure: I tell you, I've had enough!
12.  (tr) to count (votes)
13.  dialect (intr) to talk or chatter
14.  informal chiefly (US) to tell the truth no matter how unpleasant it is
15.  tell the time to read the time from a clock
16.  slang you're telling me I know that very well
[Old English tellan; related to Old Saxon tellian, Old High German zellen to tell, count, Old Norse telja]

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No story-no history either-is tellable only one way.
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