[ten-it; British also tee-nit]
any opinion, principle, doctrine, dogma, etc., especially one held as true by members of a profession, group, or movement.

1590–1600; < Latin: he holds

tenant, tenet.

belief, position.
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tenet (ˈtɛnɪt, ˈtiːnɪt)
a belief, opinion, or dogma
[C17: from Latin, literally: he (it) holds, from tenēre to hold]

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Word Origin & History

"principle," properly "a thing held (to be true)," 1413, from L. tenet "he holds," third person singular present indicative of tenere "to hold, to keep, to maintain" from PIE base *ten- "to stretch" (cf. Skt. tantram "loom," tanoti "stretches, lasts;" Pers. tar "string;" Lith. tankus "compact," i.e.
"tightened;" Gk. teinein "to stretch," tasis "a stretching, tension," tenos "sinew," tetanos "stiff, rigid," tonos "string," hence "sound, pitch;" L. tendere "to stretch," tenuis "thin, rare, fine;" O.C.S. tento "cord;" O.E. thynne "thin"). Connection notion between "stretch" and "hold" is "to cause to maintain." The modern sense is probably because tenet was used in M.L. to introduce a statement of doctrine.
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Example sentences
Now the rigor of scientific research is being applied to this seemingly
  ineffable tenet of religious belief.
One basic tenet is that the people who live and work near the ocean should play
  a role in conservation planning and management.
It is this paradox that stands behind the long-held tenet that doctors should
  not treat their own family.
King's questions for other skeptics and me typically miss this central tenet of
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