a person who thinks, as in a specified way or manner: a slow thinker.
a person who has a well-developed faculty for thinking, as a philosopher, theorist, or scholar: the great thinkers.

1400–50; late Middle English thenkare. See think1, -er1

nonthinker, noun Unabridged

Thinker, The

French Le Penseur. a bronze statue (1879–89) by Rodin. Unabridged
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think (θɪŋk)
vb (often foll by about) (foll by of) (foll by of) , thinks, thinking, thought
1.  (tr; may take a clause as object) to consider, judge, or believe: he thinks my ideas impractical
2.  to exercise the mind as in order to make a decision; ponder
3.  (intr) to be capable of conscious thought: man is the only animal that thinks
4.  to remember; recollect: I can't think what his name is
5.  to make the mental choice (of): think of a number
6.  (may take a clause as object or an infinitive)
 a.  to expect; suppose: I didn't think to see you here
 b.  to be considerate or aware enough (to do something): he did not think to thank them
7.  to consider; regard: she thinks of herself as a poet
8.  (intr) to focus the attention on being: think thin; think big
9.  (tr) to bring into or out of a specified condition by thinking: to think away one's fears
10.  slang I don't think a phrase added to an ironical statement: you're the paragon of virtue, I don't think
11.  think again to reconsider one's decision, opinion, etc
12.  think better of
 a.  to change one's mind about (a course of action, decision, etc)
 b.  to have a more favourable opinion of (a person)
13.  (usually negative) think much of to have a high opinion of
14.  think nothing of
 a.  to regard as routine, easy, or natural
 b.  to have no compunction or hesitation about
 c.  to have a very low opinion of
15.  think twice to consider carefully before deciding (about something)
16.  informal a careful, open-minded assessment: let's have a fresh think about this problem
17.  informal (modifier) characterized by or involving thinkers, thinking, or thought: a think session
18.  slang you've got another think coming you are mistaken and will soon have to alter your opinion
[Old English thencan; related to Old Frisian thenza, Old Saxon thenkian, Old High German denken, Old Norse thekkja, Gothic thagkjan]

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Example sentences
He cannot be called a great thinker, and his reflective power is decidedly
  inferior to his observation and memory.
How to become a rational, powerful and original thinker.
It has undoubtedly arisen in the witty thinker's mind as an imitation of the
  familiar proverb.
He was a reader and a thinker and a social observer, and his mind produced
  ideas, not opportunities for commerce.
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