a person or thing that throws.
flinger ( def 2 ).

1400–50; late Middle English; see throw, -er1 Unabridged
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throw (θrəʊ)
vb (foll by in, on, onto, etc) , throws, throwing, threw, thrown
1.  (also intr) to project or cast (something) through the air, esp with a rapid motion of the arm and wrist
2.  to put or move suddenly, carelessly, or violently: she threw her clothes onto the bed
3.  to bring to or cause to be in a specified state or condition, esp suddenly or unexpectedly: the news threw the family into a panic
4.  to direct or cast (a shadow, light, etc)
5.  to project (the voice) so as to make it appear to come from other than its source
6.  to give or hold (a party)
7.  to cause to fall or be upset; dislodge: the horse soon threw his rider
8.  a.  to tip (dice) out onto a flat surface
 b.  to obtain (a specified number) in this way
9.  to shape (clay) on a potter's wheel
10.  to move (a switch or lever) to engage or disengage a mechanism
11.  to be subjected to (a fit)
12.  to turn (wood, etc) on a lathe
13.  informal to baffle or astonish; confuse: the last question on the test paper threw me
14.  boxing to deliver (a punch)
15.  wrestling to hurl (an opponent) to the ground
16.  informal to lose (a contest, fight, etc) deliberately, esp in boxing
17.  a.  to play (a card)
 b.  to discard (a card)
18.  (of a female animal, esp a cow) to give birth to (young)
19.  to twist or spin (filaments) into thread
20.  informal throw cold water on something to be unenthusiastic about or discourage something
21.  throw oneself at to strive actively to attract the attention or affection of
22.  throw oneself into to involve oneself enthusiastically in
23.  throw oneself on to rely entirely upon: he threw himself on the mercy of the police
24.  the act or an instance of throwing
25.  the distance or extent over which anything may be thrown: a stone's throw
26.  informal a chance, venture, or try
27.  an act or result of throwing dice
28.  a.  the eccentricity of a cam
 b.  the radial distance between the central axis of a crankshaft and the axis of a crankpin forming part of the shaft
29.  a decorative light blanket or cover, as thrown over a chair
30.  a sheet of fabric used for draping over an easel or unfinished painting, etc, to keep the dust off
31.  geology the vertical displacement of rock strata at a fault
32.  physics the deflection of a measuring instrument as a result of a sudden fluctuation
[Old English thrāwan to turn, torment; related to Old High German drāen to twist, Latin terere to rub]

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Example sentences
It is a thread-ball thrown at a mark, but the other end remains in the
  thrower's bag.
The program then maneuvers the vehicle accordingly, angling it so it bounces
  toward the thrower.
If the thrower gets the stone off to a bad start, spin can bring it into better
  position before it hits the water.
Trap shooters stand at one of five stations located on a much narrower arc
  behind a single hidden thrower.
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