1 [toh-ster]
an instrument or appliance for toasting bread, muffins, etc.
a person who toasts something.

1575–85; toast1 + -er1 Unabridged


2 [toh-ster]
a person who proposes or joins in a toast to someone or something.

1695–1705; toast2 + -er1 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
toast2 (təʊst)
1.  a tribute or proposal of health, success, etc, given to a person or thing by a company of people and marked by raising glasses and drinking together
2.  a person or thing honoured by such a tribute or proposal
3.  (esp formerly) an attractive woman to whom such tributes are frequently made: she was the toast of the town
4.  to propose or drink a toast to (a person or thing)
5.  (intr) See also rap to add vocal effects to a prerecorded track: a disc-jockey technique
[C17 (in the sense: a lady to whom the company is asked to drink): from toast1,from the idea that the name of the lady would flavour the drink like a piece of spiced toast]

toaster (ˈtəʊstə)
a device for toasting bread, usually electric, and often equipped with an automatic timer

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Computing Dictionary

toaster definition

1. The archetypal really stupid application for an embedded microprocessor controller; often used in comments that imply that a scheme is inappropriate technology (but see elevator controller). "DWIM for an assembler? That'd be as silly as running Unix on your toaster!"
2. A very, very dumb computer. "You could run this program on any dumb toaster."
See bitty box, Get a real computer!, toy, beige toaster.
3. A Macintosh, especially the Classic Mac. Some hold that this is implied by sense 2.
4. A peripheral device. "I bought my box without toasters, but since then I've added two boards and a second disk drive".
This is not usually to be taken literally but, to show off the expansion capabilities of the Risc PC, Acorn Computers Ltd. built a seven-slice machine (which they called "the rocket-ship") and installed every imaginable peripheral. In a spare drive bay of the top slice they installed a toaster. This machine was exhibited at various shows where it attracted attention by occasionally ejecting a pizza.
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Example sentences
Of course if you're a philosopher-writer, speculating on the quantum mysteries
  of the bread toaster would be a good read.
If these experiments pan out, the result won't yield a better toaster or solve
  the problems of climate change.
One-way interaction is possible now, marry your toaster.
When you heat up a bagel in the toaster, that's bagel warming.
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