lacking teeth.
without a serrated edge, as a saw.
lacking in force or sharpness; dull; ineffectual: a toothless argument.

1350–1400; Middle English; see tooth, -less

toothlessly, adverb
toothlessness, noun Unabridged
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tooth (tuːθ)
n , pl teeth
1.  any of various bonelike structures set in the jaws of most vertebrates and modified, according to the species, for biting, tearing, or chewingRelated: dental
2.  any of various similar structures in invertebrates, occurring in the mouth or alimentary canal
3.  anything resembling a tooth in shape, prominence, or function: the tooth of a comb
4.  any of the various small indentations occurring on the margin of a leaf, petal, etc
5.  any one of a number of uniform projections on a gear, sprocket, rack, etc, by which drive is transmitted
6.  taste or appetite (esp in the phrase sweet tooth)
7.  long in the tooth old or ageing: used originally of horses, because their gums recede with age
8.  tooth and nail with ferocity and force: we fought tooth and nail
9.  (tr) to provide with a tooth or teeth
10.  (intr) (of two gearwheels) to engage
Related: dental
[Old English tōth; related to Old Saxon tand, Old High German zand, Old Norse tonn, Gothic tunthus, Latin dens]

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Word Origin & History

late 14c., in literal sense, from tooth + -less. Figurative sense of "dull" is recorded from 1590s; that of "lacking enforcement powers" is first recorded 1961.
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Example sentences
Toothless mouths that babbled foolish songs of hidden gold.
Unfortunately, the guidelines are toothless because the department has yet to
  find an effective way to police the police.
At the time, wildlife groups said the optional program would be toothless.
It was toothless and had curved toes the better for perching in trees.
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