a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin (transcend; transfix ); on this model, used with the meanings “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,” in combination with elements of any origin: transisthmian; trans-Siberian; transempirical; transvalue.
Chemistry. a prefix denoting a geometric isomer having a pair of identical atoms or groups on the opposite sides of two atoms linked by a double bond. Compare cis- ( def 2 ).
Astronomy. a prefix denoting something farther from the sun (than a given planet): trans-Martian; trans-Neptunian.

< Latin, combining form of trāns (adv. and preposition) across, beyond, through Unabridged


transaction; transactions.
transferred. Unabridged
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abbreviation for
1.  transaction
2.  transferred
3.  transitive
4.  translated
5.  translator

trans- or (sometimes before s-) tran-
1.  across, beyond, crossing, on the other side: transoceanic; trans-Siberian; transatlantic
2.  changing thoroughly: transliterate
3.  transcending: transubstantiation
4.  transversely: transect
5.  (often in italics) Compare cis- indicating that a chemical compound has a molecular structure in which two groups or atoms are on opposite sides of a double bond: trans-butadiene
[from Latin trāns across, through, beyond]
tran- or (sometimes before s-) tran-
[from Latin trāns across, through, beyond]

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Word Origin & History

prefix meaning "across, beyond, to go beyond," from L. trans-, from prep. trans "across, over, beyond," probably originally prp. of a verb *trare-, meaning "to cross" (see through).
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Medical Dictionary

trans (trāns, trānz)
Having two genes, each carrying a mutation, located on opposite chromosomes of a homologous pair. Often italic.

trans- pref.

  1. Across; on the other side; beyond: transilient.

  2. Through: transpiration.

  3. Change; transfer: transketolation.

  4. Having a pair of identical atoms on opposite sides of two atoms linked by a double bond. Used of a geometric isomer. Usually in italic: trans-butene.

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Computing Dictionary

TRANS definition

TRAffic Network Simulation Language. "A Model for Traffic Simulation and a Simulation Language for the General Transportation Problem", Proc FJCC 37 (1970).

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Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. transaction

  2. transitive

  3. translated

  4. translation

  5. translator

  6. translator

  7. transportation

  8. transpose

  9. transposition

  10. transverse

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Example sentences for trans
The way of a pilgrim and a pilgrim continues on his way, olga savin, trans.
Cis isomers and trans isomers often have different physical properties.
The cis isomer is called maleic acid and the trans is named fumaric acid.
Trans isomers also tend to have lower densities than their cis counterparts.
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