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T, t

noun, plural T's or Ts, t's or ts.
the 20th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
any spoken sound represented by the letter T or t, as in tub, but, or butter.
something having the shape of a T .
a written or printed representation of the letter T or t.
a device, as a printer's type, for reproducing the letter T or t.
to a T, exactly; perfectly: That job would suit you to a T. Also, to a tee.


noun (sometimes lowercase)
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World English Dictionary
t or T (tiː)
n , pl t's, T's, Ts
1.  the 20th letter and 16th consonant of the modern English alphabet
2.  a speech sound represented by this letter, usually a voiceless alveolar stop, as in tame
3.  a.  something shaped like a T
 b.  (in combination): a T-junction
4.  to a T in every detail; perfectly: the work suited her to a T
T or T

symbol for
1.  tonne(s)
2.  troy (weight)
3.  statistics distribution
4.  statistics See Student's t

symbol for
1.  absolute temperature
2.  tera-
3.  chem tritium
4.  biochem thymine
5.  tesla
6.  surface tension
abbreviation for
7.  Thailand (international car registration)

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Word Origin & History

to cross one's T's (and dot one's i's) "to be exact" is attested from 1849. Phrase to a T "exactly" is recorded from 1693, though the exact signification is uncertain, despite much speculation. The measuring tool called a T-square is recorded by that name from 1785.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

t abbr.
temperature (often italic)

T 1

The symbol for the isotope tritium.

T 2

  1. tablespoon

  2. absolute temperature (often italic)

  3. tesla

  4. tetanus toxoids vaccine

  5. tetanus vaccine

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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
  1. Abbreviation of temperature, tesla, thymine

  2. The symbol for the isotope tritium.

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Computing Dictionary

TS definition

Typed Smalltalk.
A Smalltalk by Ralph Johnson of the University of Illinois.
["TS: An Optimising Compiler for Smalltalk", R.E. Johnson et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11) (Nov 1988)].

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © Denis Howe 2010 http://foldoc.org
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Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. tense (grammar)

  2. [long] ton

  3. top quark

  1. AT&T Corporation (stock symbol)

  2. temperature

  3. tenor

  4. tesla

  5. Thailand (international vehicle ID)

  6. thunderstorms

  7. Thursday

  8. thymine

  9. time reversal

  10. [United States] Treasury

  11. tritium

  12. true

  13. T-shirt

  14. Tuesday

  1. tensile strength

  2. this (shortwave transmission)

  3. total solids

  4. transsexual

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